Summer 2016: Tim's short story, "They Call It Duppy Love" published in Albedo One.

Fall 2015: Tale from Blacktip Island short story, "When the Sea Shall Give Up Her Dead" published in The Caribbean Writer.

Spring 2014: Tale from Blacktip Island short story, "Two and a Half Weeks" published in The MacGuffin.

Jan., 2014: Tim's short story, "When the Dive Life Betrays Me," published in Destination Cayman's 2014 edition.

Nov., 2013: Tim's short story, "Two and a Half Weeks," published in The MacGuffin's Volume XXX, Number 1.

Nov., 2013: Tim's fiction blog, The Blacktip Times, is launched, covering news and events on Blacktip Island, the setting for Tim's in-progress, Caribbean-set novel, Blacktip Island.

Jan., 2013: Tim's article, "Little Cayman Through the Year," published in Destination Cayman's 2013 edition.

Jan., 2012: Tim's article, "The Perfect Dive," published in Destination Cayman's 2012.

Jan., 2011: Look for Tim's story about Little Cayman's unspoiled dive
sites in the current edition of Destination Cayman, available on all flights
to the Cayman Islands in 2012.

Nov. 1, 2011: Mangrove Undergound named USA Book News "Best Books 2011" Award finalist in literary fiction.
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Apr. 15, 2011: Tim establishes the Coral Reef Preservation Fund through The Nature Conservancy, donating a portion of his web-based sales to reef research.
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Feb. 18, 2011: Tim and Mangrove Underground are featured in The Caymanian Compass.
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Feb., 2011: Tim's short story, "Flood," published in Conceit Magazine.

Jan. 6, 2011: Mangrove Underground, Tim's debut novel, is released.
{Read the Press Release}

advanced praise for Blacktip Island

"Blacktip Island is fun and funny, its characters vivid. Take your time and dive into this adventurous story.”
– Portland Book Review

“Another winner from Tim W. Jackson! Protagonist Blake Calloway is in way over his head in this humorous adventure in paradise. Blacktip Island rocks!”
– Award winner Kathy Brandt, author of Swimming with the Dead

“Five Stars. Blacktip Island will make you laugh and keep you guessing. The storyline keeps readers hooked, and the characters add laughter, suspense, romance and everything in between to take this book to another level.”
– San Francisco Book Review

“Blacktip Island is a fascinating, well-written story . . . with the hero attempting to avoid detection, eco-terrorists trying to stop construction of a new airport, a beautiful bartender keeping her own secrets, and hunts for pirate treasure each overlapping the other. But the story is less driven by the plot than by the characters and the idyllic setting . . . which makes good fiction.”
– David K. McDonnell for Reader Views

“Beautifully written with a thriller-like pace, Blacktip Island will keep you guessing ‘til the very end.”
– Bonnie J. Cardone, author of the Cinnamon Greene Adventure Mysteries

“Jackson has a strong voice that makes for an entertaining read from beginning to end. The characters are well-crafted and bold. Blacktip Island is a fun adventure, with a motley crew that can easily become addictive.”
– IndieReader


Mangrove Underground endorsements

"Plotted with the intricate complexity of a Chinatown . . . Jackson's intelligent thriller gets a jumpstart into its wild and vivid exploration of the vicious conflicts in Southwest Florida between various vested interests in using or abusing the land."
- C.W. Smith, author of nine novels, including Buffalo Nickel, Understanding Women, The Vestal Virgin Room and the forthcoming Steplings.

"Jackson's direct, uncluttered prose pulls the reader effortlessly through each of these stories. They are a delight to read."
- Robert R Bowie Jr., author of There Ain't No Wyoming, Naked House Painting Society and Sonnets.

"Mangrove Underground is a page-turning, marsh-burning thriller from a marvelous new voice in literature."
- James Dale, author of If God Stops Working.


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